How To Survive Tomb Raider's Annoying PC Quicktime Events

If you're playing on the PC version of Tomb Raider, you may be having trouble with the quicktime events — enough that you're just watching Lara die over and over again every time a QTE pops up. Not fun.

At some point early in the game, Tomb Raider does tell you what to press: the "F" key. Then, it might never tell you again. Maybe you missed it. So then when you see this type of screen:

You might feel confused — what the hell are you supposed to press? Now you know. F.

Not everyone sees that though. It may be a bug, although it is not one I am alone in experiencing. Kirk Hamilton, on the other hand, sees this:

This does tell you what to press. But, even so, in the heat of the moment, we're trained to look at the QTE itself. In this case, the white circle. Why does the prompt on the circle not tell you the button to press?

Hopefully, this helps you see fewer of the gruesome death scenes in Tomb Raider. If nothing else, it's really just further proof that quicktime events kind of suck. Or, excuse me. I meant quick timer events.


    Where were you last night!!! I spent hours looking for that. Why does yours say press F.
    Mine sure as shit didn't. I had recently got a tablet and it has that sort of icon for my touch screen and I actually ended up touching my computer monitor..

    The Circle means F, the hands means E.
    In both things no timing seemed necessary just keep spamming F till she does something else.

      You could have just, y'know... looked at the Key Bindings in your options list...

        Like Patricia, my game didn't show the "press F" prompt OR the symbol. It was literally nothing but the circles, which made it pretty damn annoying. I died 30 times, pressing multiple buttons because I had no idea what to press. There's also another point later, where you get this new device, and you have to mash a key to use it properly, only the game doesn't tell you which one and the symbol isn't listed in the key binding menu. The game is not bad, but it has its problems and its QTEs are one of them. They're awful.

    I have a controller plugged into my PC and have had no trouble with the QTE's

    Just shows the yellow Y

    Still, I have been known to miss it from time to time

    Sucks to hear others are having problems

      So did I, but it didn't display Y until it was too late.

    Or.. pay attention to the on-screen instructions...

    Or get a controller and play it how it was designed to be played.. it may be on PC but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be played with a controller by default.. just because the PC is usually attributed with being keyboard and mouse doesn't mean it has to be.. it's a PC! It can have accessories added to it! That's the great thing about a PC, it is so versatile!.. So rather than limit yourself... grab an accessory for games that are designed to use those accessories... otherwise it's just another limited gaming device.

      Calm down bozo. It does it on the controler too.

    If they fix the Nvidia issue it will be much easier to QTE

    I, for one, would be happy to welcome an age where no QTE's existed. Yes, I had this dying issue, but I've loathed QTE's since the time of Dragon's Lair, even in many games where I didn't die because of QTE's. Worst. Game Mechanic. Ever.

      They have their place, sometimes. God of War is reasonable, especially in GoW3 when the buttons to press are actually placed on the screen in the same position as they are on the dualshock. They tend to be contextual to the moves during regular play.

      On the other hand, QTEs during a cutscene? Worst. Thing. Ever. Yes, I'm looking at you, Resident Evil 4.

    in the beginning of my game it had the tooltip down the bottom saying what key to press, and the ! symbol in the middle of the circles. however, a little further on, the tooltips completely disappeared so i kept stuffing up the QTE's. i eventually went into key bindings and saw the ! symbol was bound to the 'F' key. i didn't have any problems after that.

    it disappers in a split second for me most times, quick time events is a wrong name for tomb raider, it should be split second events

    What's the point of the QTE mechanic in this game if every QTE is the same key/button in every cut-scene and gameplay section.

      They say it's the engage the player...because pressing a key matters. Soon we'll see enhance QTE's called Rhythm QTE's and you have to tap multiple keys in rhythm to get a cinematic moving.

    There are times when the game just straight up doesn't tell you what button to press. And sometimes the timing differs. Usually you can press the button almost anytime as long as the big circle doesn't cross the smaller circle, but there are some fights which depend on you pressing the button when the big circle is almost crossing the small one. That was pretty annoying.

    I'm enjoying the game, but the QTEs are AWFUL. And some of the "Dodging" parts of the game are terrible as well.

    Bought the game without realising it had quicktime events, made it all the hell more annoying for me. I died quite a few times because the damn prompt wouldn't tell me what to do. Why don't developers get it? Quicktime events need to die. If you really want to incorporate that shit, do it like they did in The Witcher 2, make that crap optional.

      I agree, Quicktime events need to vanish. I cant believe they are still around. Quicktime events are a cheap way of gaming. Even back in the Mega Drive days I thought they would be on the decline and eventually just die.

    if you are having trouble with the timing of the QTE, try lowering your quality settings. even though my framerate was 20fps (surprisingly still very playable for me) it affected the QTE timing. At the end of the game I couldn't beat it. It doesn't think your mashing E when I was. I put quality all the way down to beat the last part of game.

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