Own The Mouse That Kim Jong-Un Wants To Destroy The World With

North Korea is one scary place! Kim Jong-un is one scary young man! Recently, the country's state media released this photo of The Great Successor sitting at a computer. Make that, a super computer. In a large metal box.

Just look at those military officers gathered around. And look at how Kim Jong-un is sitting in a fancy dinning room chair. And, more importantly, look at that Logitech mouse with the red trackball on it. Red, because it's dangerous.

Perhaps, you would also like to own the same trackball that Kim Jong-un uses. As the Washington Post pointed out, the mouse in the above photo is a Logitech mouse — make that, the Logitech Trackman Marble mouse, which retails for about $60 in filthy capitalist establishments.

Why Logitech? I wonder! According to the company's PR pitch: "Left handed? Right handed? When you're working on your computer day and night, and you want more flexibility, the Logitech Trackman Marble will help increase your comfort level." AS YOU DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD. I added that last part.

From the looks of it, Kim Jong-un isn't using the Trackman Marble's latest colour variation, which is a dark grey version with silver buttons (above). Instead, he's using the silver version with dark buttons (below) that, I think, first hit a few years back.

So if you want that version, you might have to search around. Because, really, if it's good enough for Kim Jong-un, it's probably good enough for you, comrade.

A photo that makes North Korea look a lot less scary [Washington Post]

Picture: KCNA


    I always feel like a dick correcting a writer but here goes. Since 'with' is a preposition, I'm not sure you're supposed to use it to end a sentence. I think you should have written 'own the mouse with which Kim Jong-Un wants to take over the world'.

      That's nothing....his vocabulary is sorely lacking videogames.


    Let's focus on the story.

    Every time I see a picture from North Korea everyone always looks so out of place.

    It looks like the guy next to KJU is turning a knob like he's tuning an old TV. I have a feeling that,that mouse and keyboard have been placed there and not actually functioning. Don't you think they would have taken a photo of them using the "Computer" with at least 1 persons hand on the keyboard?

    I'm tired and I'm rambling.

      It's so creepy with everyone sort of openly adoring whatever it is the Supreme Leaders do. Also all the tech, building style, way of life etc always look like they're in the 60s and 70s.

      I suggest googling Eric Schmidt's daughter's account of their time in North Korea. Some gems there about how fake everything is.


    North Korea would not have enough firepower do destroy South Korea let alone the WORLD!
    Yes, they have a large standing army and short / medium range weapons but don't get carried away.


      I guess that's why they are trying to get Nukes. Seoul is not to far way from the border. Short to Medium range missles will do the trick. Not saying they would win but they would go down kicking and punching. Add nukes to the equation and BOOOM!!

    I've seen this before. It's just Kim with his dietitians...


    Anyone not notice the random guy in the background?

    I don't think he wants to "destroy the world", he's more flexing his muscles to show the world he doesnt like to be told what to do.

    I used to own one of those mice - best office mouse I've used!

      Still use mine. The fact that it is so unusual makes me feel "So ronrey".

        thanks for the giggle

    what worries me most is that weird looking dude in background, kind of creepy.

    If that is a super computer why is it at a place that looks like a movie studio?

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