The Veronica Mars Movie Is Happening... If It Can Raise $2 Million

Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. Five years after its unceremonious demise, Veronica Mars could be coming back in movie form, if creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell can raise $US2 million on Kickstarter to make it happen.

If you've never watched Veronica Mars, or if you've scoffed at it because it sounds like a shitty teen drama — and really, I don't blame you, because "Veronica Mars" is a terrible name — you've missed out on one of the best shows out there. Despite its title (ugh) and its channel pedigree, Veronica Mars is a high school noir that goes in some very dark directions. (In the first episode, we find out that Veronica was raped and her best friend was murdered.)

It's also smart, charming and surprisingly hilarious. But, alas, low ratings and a mediocre third season led to a premature cancellation for Veronica Mars, and although the creators have wanted to make a film sequel for the past six years, nothing has ever come of it.

Until now. If Thomas and crew can make $US2 million on Kickstarter, they say they'll shoot the movie this year and release it in the first half of 2014. Allow me to repeat: HOLY CRAP.


    I've never seen Veronica Mars, so this news doesn't excite me in and of itself. I like that a bigger movie is getting on the kickstarter bandwagon, though, and I hope that they succeed and Joss Whedon takes note.

      If you are referring to Firefly here.....

      I would love nothing more than another season or movie but Joss himself has said it cannot happen. Serenity did not make enough for the studios to be interested most of the cast are involved in other projects now so they can't do TV. Also isn't he the creative director or something with Marvel now?

      He did an AMA on reddit awhile ago and was asked all this stuff.

    Crowdfunding is awesome. Even though I haven't seen the show it's awesome to see that a small fanbase can prove that there's interest. I wish more things did this.

    I'd happily pay to have Kristen Bell do anything but Veronica Mars.

      Boooooo! Veronica Mars was awesome!

    Well, looks like that's going to be funded by the end of the day. I wonder if that'll effect Warner Bros decision to let people try this stuff in the future.

    I loved that show. So good.

    the kickstarter has just gone up $10,000 in the 5 minutes that i watched it. This is insane!

    Put some money down. Think I will buy the Series on DVD if I can find it at a decent price too.

      I managed to pick up each season for like $12 at jb before Christmas, pretty hard to find otherwise only a handful of places even have it anymore.

      But on topic a movie for 2 mill? as much as i would like to see one done or even get the show rebooted. I also don't want to see some hatchet B or even A- grade version.

      Hmmmm just read there is no international shipping....
      Well that's a deal breaker i would have pledged $50(and postage) to get that dvd. =/

        They are up to 3.6 million now, and WB has agreed to pony up for distribution. This money is going to shooting the actual movie, not all the extra stuff (except KS rewards).

          Oh, and if you put down $1 you will start getting updates. One of them mentioned that they are trying to sort out international shipping. I'm thinking of upping mine to get the DVD when that happens.

    Kristen Bell is also the voice/face actor of Lucy in the Assassins Creed games.

    Just quietly, at time of writing this the Kickstarter is at $1.75 Mill and it looks like it's been active for less than a day... so yeah. This will probably happen.

      And it's funded!
      Took 1.5 hours to raise $250,000 since my last post.

    The whole point of a kickstarter is that the studios don't have to be interested.

    As for all your other well-reasoned points... *fingers in ears*...LALALALALA

    Most of my TV viewing is now made up of shows I'm only half interested in, but which I persist in watching because they feature former Firefly cast members. That's kind of sad.

    Edit: This was supposed to be in reply to @darren

    Last edited 14/03/13 10:44 am

    Damn... All the physical rewards are "shipped within the US only". If it weren't already funded, I'd pledge anyway, but now the incentive is pretty much gone.

    The third season was definitely mediocre, but I would have pledged off the strength of the pitch video alone if the physical rewards weren't US only.

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