Detroit Really Is Getting A Giant Robocop Statue. Here's The Model.

Well. And here I was thinking the move to get a giant statue of Robocop erected in Detroit would ultimately come to nothing. It has instead come to something. Something wonderful.

What you're seeing here is the almost-completed model of the city's sworn protector. This is the thing that's currently being shipped to the sculptors to be made into a cast, and from that cast will emerge a bronze statue of Robocop that will stand 10 feet tall.

Speechless (With Lots of Pictures) [Kickstarter, via Boing Boing]


    So after the apocalypse future generations will believe we were ruled by a 12ft cyborg overlord.

    Awesome, I for one welcome our new cyborg overlord!

    It will be stolen the week it's erected. Detroit is a shit hole and I was there before everything was boarded up.

    Oh man, wish I'd known about it :( what a glorious moment in history.

    I'm gonna go ahead and call "Shenanigans" on the term "Giant Statute". All you have to do is compare it to that small child standing next to it to get a true sense of scale..

    Robocop's cool, but I reckon a Clarence Boddicker statue would be even better:

    So awesome. I signed the petition for this. Didn't know they started a kickstarter.

    that pose is a bit lame, needs clenched fists

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    You'd think Detroit would have more important things to throw its money at, like recovering from its crippling urban decay, the collapse of its industries and the exodus of its population.

    But nah. Robocop statue is a much better investment.

      I don't agree with this comment for reasons I'm too lazy to type, but you might as well be that middle aged lady that says "we have more things to spend money on than going to space".

        Going to space has extensive practical and scientific benefits. Making a Robocop statue to sit in the middle of a dead city doesn't. Not really comparable, hey.

      Drop in the ocean, probably?

      If a building complex is on fire and all you have is a bucket of water, you might as well use it to cool off or have a drink.

        Every dollar counts. The city is facing municipal bankruptcy, somewhere between half and one billion in debt and expenses more than $100M in the red. Bankruptcy would utterly destroy the city's ability to recover: it drastically increases interest rates on loans, it drives away investors and ruins the value and safety of municipal bonds. And the problem is, when administrators are brought in and they run a fine comb over the books, things like art installations stick out like a sore thumb and make matters worse.

        All that said though, it appears the statue was crowd funded, so it doesn't really apply. I missed that in my first read through, my bad.

          Wasn't the premise of Robocop a Bankrupt Detroit..I may be missing the irony of the statue...

            Detroit has been teetering on the edge since the 70's, apart from a small period of economic growth, it has been a black hole threatening to implode on itself, so it's really Status: No Change for them.
            I'm not sure what is more ironic - the original target audience for the film are now in their 40's with families and grandchildren, todays target demographic probably hasn't seen Robocop, or the fact Robocop wasn't even filmed in Detroit.

            I suppose they need to feel good about *something*, because it sounds like a shite place to be stuck in

      This was not funded with city money... It was a crowd funded project.

        Yep, I noticed that after my original post and mentioned it in a reply. Cheers.

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