I’m Still Not Clear On How This ‘Niche’ Game Will Not Be For Everyone

I’m Still Not Clear On How  This ‘Niche’ Game Will Not Be For Everyone

Game developer Compile Heart unveiled the first game for their Galapagos RPG brand. Titled, fairy fencer f, the game is labelled as a fantasy RPG for the PlayStation 3 and will utilise the talents of concept artist Yoshitaka Amano, composer Nobuo Uematsu and the Earthbound Papas, and the Hyperdimension Neptunia team.

In the game, players will take the part of the male protagonist (apparently a first for the Neptunia team), Fang, and his quest to collect mystical god-power-imbibed weapons known as Furies.


7The battle system will be built around the Hyperdimension Neptuna model with additional features like the ability to knock enemies into the air for aerial combos and rush attacks called “avalanche attacks.”


The developers spoke to Weekly Famitsu where they reiterated their stance of focusing in on fans who appreciate the games they make and stated that fairy fencer f is a game that they hope will “accommodate customers who like us” even if it means disregarding a broader audience.

The developers have not yet revealed what will make fairy fencer f specifically target “Japan’s particular customers”. Hopefully we’ll find out what will make this game so niche in the coming days.

fairy fencer f is scheduled to come out some time this year. No word on an international release, but if their mission statement is true about focusing on Japanese fans, it’s likely there won’t be one.

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  • It’s odd that they’ve got Amano on staff to do concept work, but the character designs aren’t his work, they’re by Tsunako (Neptunia, Date-A-Live)

    • exactly, i saw the name amano and expected some really great artistic character designs…

      i’m not saying the ones they’ve made aren’t good, it’s just it’s just very generic compared to amano’s work 🙁

      EDIT: however, that logo is definitely Amano

      • I really like Tsunako’s character designs so I’m not worried, it just seems kind of odd to bring someone like Amano in to do designs and not have him do the character work.

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