That New ‘Niche’ JRPG Brand Doesn’t Have Niche Talent

That New ‘Niche’ JRPG Brand Doesn’t Have Niche Talent

Galapagos RPG, a new “niche” Japanese game brand, teased its first project. Yoshitaka Amano of Final Fantasy fame, Nobuo Uematsu (and his band the Earthbound Papas) of Final Fantasy music fame, and the Hyperdimension Neptunia team are all listed as participating.

More details, including the game’s name, will be revealed in a future issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu.

ガラパゴスプロジェクト第1弾ティザームービー [YouTube]


  • <3 Nobuo Uematsu. For a while I volunteered at a community radio station and used to slip in some of his stuff into the regular programming. Eg: (Phantom Forest – Piano version.) People would actually call up to try and find out what was playing and how they could get a copy.

    A reason to be glad to be a gamer. There are non-gamers out there who don’t get to experience these things!

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