There Is A Ninja Warrior Game. This Is My Dream Come True

Whenever I watch Ninja Warrior my first thought is, 'I could totally do that'. All that swinging, climbing and incredible feats of core strength. Pffft, piece of piss. Just tell me where and when bro! I got dis.

Reality check: I totally couldn't do it. But I would love to try.

There is now a Ninja Warrior iOS game. I haven't downloaded it yet, but I'm fairly certain it will be terrible. Still, I'll probably buy it because Ninja Warrior.

If you haven't seen Ninja Warrior, watch the above video. It's basically like a 2D platformer in real life except with ridiculously strong human beings who can do incredible things. I love it so much. It's the kind of thing that genuinely needs a well made game made about it. I don't expect this iOS game to achieve greatness, but I'll play it regardless.

Marvelous AQL’s New Platformer, Ninja Warrior Game, Is Based On A TV Show Siliconera


    I wish I could be a ninja warrior. *sigh*

      or a Pirate Ninja Warrior with a pet laser shark!

    Can't see it in any of the app stores Mark... I WANT IT NOW!!!

    This is truly one of the greatest shows ever - No game could ever compare to the sheer awesome.
    I wish we had more shows on Australian TV like this instead of crud like the voice, australian idol, the block and all the other pap on tv,

      We do make this sort of thing, it's called WipeOut and instead of the focus being on humans achieving great things it's on dickheads falling over and hurting themselves.

      We have it all backwards in the West.
      (In regards to Ninja Warrior anyway)

        Remember It's A Knockout? Or are you too young?

          Wipout doesn't count for obvious reasons.
          I was SUPER young when It's a knockout first started. What i do remember is that their new remake of it was one of the most god-awful things ever. Didn't have the same soul.

    This show has been around for aaaaggggeeeeeees. Some of them are freaking insane!

    Trials for humans! SBS2 at 6:30 is a regular in our house - That warped wall is nuts....

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