Battlefield 4 Sure Has A Lot Of Graphics

There's no denying that DICE's Frostbite engine has consistently impressed over the years. Recently the developers posted a feature video to brag about all the amazing things their latest engine, Frostbite 3, can do with Battlefield 4. Let's marvel at some of the highlights, destruction and all.

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    I will need to over clock my graphics sticks and get ready to graphic.

      If you modify your graphics sticks, you should be good to graphics. What a graphics-tizer man. I cant wait to use the graphics to look around.

        thank god that 64 players are gonna be on consoles

    I think that this video says it better than anything else and the end bit after 1:40 is a MUST watch ;)

    I really can't wait to ride that building as it collapses. I do hope they let us and it's not simply insta-death if you happen to be in it - or better yet on the roof - when it blows.

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