DOTA 2 Match-Fixing Shows E-Sports Still Learning From Real Sports

Gaming network Starladder TV has handed out a number of serious punishments, including a lifetime ban, for a group of DOTA 2 player caught match-fixing for cash.

It's alleged that Alexey 'Solo' Berezin, from the team roX.KIS, bet money on his own team losing a match, which they did in what's been described as a "suspiciously horrible performance".

While the match had no bearing on a competition, the seriousness of the transgression has led to some serious punishments handed out by Starladder. Berezin has been banned from the network for life, three of his teammates have been banned for 3 years and the team itself barred from competing for 12 months.

Before you go drawing too many paralells between this and match-fixing dramas in real sport, know that Berezin is alleged to have bet...$100. Making $US322 off the loss.

Update: roX.KIS issues statement [joindota]

RoX.KIS с позором дисквалифицированы с SLTV [Starladder]


    SIgh, I'm sure this won't be the only incident. Greed.

    Not that surprising. I would guess that match fixing probably has a correlation with corruption generally. Here, Russia scores 28/100 on the (anti) corruption scale.

    This sets a good precedence. Gambling is one of the avenues that gaming can take off as a legit spectator sport/game.

    That being said a lifetime ban and 3 years for team mates is pretty severe if this was their main source of income as a pro.

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