'I Need A Drink': Seth Rogen Plays The Last Of Us

The fine folks at IGN invited writer/actor Seth Rogen and his partner in crime, Evan Goldberg, to play the opening to The Last of Us. It's fun to watch.

And yes, Seth Rogen games with inverted controls, because of course he does. (Warning: this video contains spoilers for the first 30 minutes of the game.)

Seth Rogen Plays The Last of Us [YouTube]


    After watching that, I am SO glad I got to play the start of the game alone, by myself. I found it an incredibly affecting moment when IT happened, and would have hated it to be wrecked by a wisecracking dude in the chair next to me.

    I admit it, I cried. Never cried playing a game before. Beautiful f'ing game. Just brilliant.

      +1 @rowan - having a tear in the eye that early in the game made it a winner from the get-go!

      So did I. People who say videogames aren't art have never played LoU - it was the interactivity, and the ability to control the pacing - to a point - which built my emotional connection to THAT character. That ability is unique within gaming.
      I cared more about her after fifteen minutes than I did after two hours of Nemo, for example, or Boo, or Pi, or practically any other fictional character I've encountered. Ridiculously good storytelling.

    When I played I turned around and got eaten at the same place .

    They should do this sort of thing more often. That was fun.

    "What are they running from?"
    "What are they running from?"

    Only a Hollywood actor could earn millions of dollars a year and still take two weeks off to play videogames.

    Man, if my son hadn't warned me about what happens in the flooded basement after turning on the generator, then I would've defecated ALL OVER THE COUCH!...

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