Leaked Images Of Battlefield 4 Alpha Give Many Hints Of New Features

About five dozen images, purportedly from an alpha test of Battlefield 4's Xbox 360 version, found their way onto the Internet early this morning. A thorough deconstruction of their contents, by Reddit, give up weapons, vehicles, player classes and other details, though being an alpha version, any of that could change.

Their origin is unknown, other than a watermark across each image, but several of the screens reference the alpha test, a few refer to PartnerNet, the developer-only Xbox Live network where games are tested pre-release, and one invokes confidentiality agreements. Whoever pulled the screenshots apparently had access to PartnerNet and found the alpha, which was concealed by DICE when uploaded.

The images appear to come from a multiplayer test on a map called Siege, which is set in Shanghai. It's unclear, but working elevators may also be a map feature. Other features alluded to in the image include pistol, knife and grenade customisation, dual sights, and battlepacks, which had been rumoured earlier in a focus-group survey about the game. Battlepacks would contain options like player skins, weapons and other accessories, and would be unlockable with in-game currency (which, presumably, one could also acquire with real money.)

Other new details include loadout and award screens and a new HUD consistent with the one seen in the official video of the singleplayer campaign, released back in March.

A lengthy bullet-point list of what's been spied can be read here. The entire gallery may be seen here.

I've pinged an Electronic Arts representative to confirm or deny these images' authenticity but, given the subject matter and the timing, my guess is we'll have to wait until later this week at E3 to learn more about Battlefield 4.

Leaked battlefield 4 xbox360 aplha screenshots [Reddit]


    yay, pistol and grenade customisation!! i like my nades but would prefer a flashbang, smoke or stun to choose from. hope it has laser sights for pistols

    It's also pretty clear from the images thet they're no longer using the real gun names.

    While I agree with the EA ideology on this one - I think it's going to detract from the game.

    What I do want to see is kit setup for each class based on map and game type. I hate having to tweak everything anytime I play a new map/game type.

      Note the character is actually holding a CZ-805 BREN as labelled, not an 'ironsightless' M16A3 as the pictures in the top left and right show.

      Also note that the M9 and M67 grenade are labelled correctly.

      Last edited 10/06/13 10:22 am

        I stand correct - should have taken a closer look.

        Though I do have to admit my knowledge of Czech firearms is extremely lacking.

      It says CZ-805, M9 and M67 grenade all named after real life guns. The pictures does show a a M-16 rifle but the avatar shows its holding a CZ-805. But this is just an Alpha and understand ur confusion but hopefully the developers will fix this in the full version.

      I don't know why a Czech Republic CZ-805 is doing in BF4 but maybe this is a clue about the campaign story.

      Doesn't seem like such a big deal. They're guns- here's the handle, here's the trigger, here's the thing you point at whatever you want to die.

    So just the same as BF3 but with micro-transactions, not exactly blown away.I think I might actually go with COD this Christmas, I generally prefer BF but this just seems to much like BF3 and at least with the semi post apocolyptic setting COD is trying something a bit a bit differient, oh and I hear there's a dog now too.

    Plus the Chinese setting is getting a bit politicial for my tastes.

      BF2 had China :|

      The battlepacks seems really similar to the way Mass Effect handled item unlocks.

      Last edited 10/06/13 10:19 am

      Really? You are under the impression that CoD Ghosts is the first time in which they have displayed a semi post apocalyptic setting? And that just because it is "trying something a bit different" apparently warrants your preference of CoD over that of BF4?
      Bit of an interesting view.....

    I like the picture of the M16A3 (still without ironsights, haha), which is clearly labelled as a CZ-805 BREN, a Czech assault rifle.
    But, the rifle the character model is holding looks just like a CZ-805 BREN.

    This sure is looking confusing, DICE!
    I imagine the M16A3 images are 'placeholders' until they complete the weapon-specific art?

    Last edited 10/06/13 10:25 am

    I was bitterly disappointed with BF3 and I haven't enjoyed a COD game since COD4. For multiplayer fps action I'm still going back to play some more CS.

    Gee.. how unfortunate that these leaked the same day that Call Of Duty released gameplay and screenshots.

    I'm not picking a side... I just want to ask if this was a leak, or was it marketing?

    This looks sweet! Hope to see some more BF4 during the EA conference!

    Be interesting to see who the protagonists are. The screen shots show the ticket counter with 'US' and 'M'. Wonder what nationality the 'M' stands for.

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