Here’s Some Leaked Footage Of Battlefield 3 In Action

Here’s Some Leaked Footage Of Battlefield 3 In Action

Upcoming multiplayer shooter Battlefield 3 is currently in closed alpha, with participants forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement promising not to leak any footage. Like that was ever going to hold.

Two clips have surfaced today, courtesy of a YouTube user, of the game’s multiplayer mode (the PC version, of course), showing some of the levels, kill moves, weapons and destructable terrain.

Know that what you see here is, quite literally, “alpha” footage. Meaning it’s not necessarily representative of what you’ll be seeing in the finished product.

Oh, and sorry about the music in the first clip, btw. Not our fault!

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  • Well we’ve got the good destructible environments happening, a more realistic approach to jumping over things. Still got that noobed up spotting system though, now all we need to know is how the classes and kits will work.

    • How is spotting noob? I thought it was a pretty good system, easier than comming where you saw someone, just press Q and they get a red arrow for a few seconds.

      It also prevents CoD-rambo kids from doing their thing most of the time, and forced to play more tactically so you don’t get seen and spotted.

      • Because it paints a lovely neon pointer above a persons head that stays even when they drop from your line of site. Go back to the BF2 way, it shows on your radar and that’s it.

        • Should also mention that the system all but ruins sniping because people can’t be bothered actually looking for the sniper anymore so they just spam Q when in the general vicinity of where they think the sniper is until the arrow pops up.

        • hmm thats actually a pretty good idea, like if somone spots someone, they have to open their map to see where they actually are rather than it appearing on the HUD

    • They did a breakdown of the classes on the Battlefield blog:

      I think it’s a better spread across the classes. Still a couple of tweaks not out yet (mainly the Recon tweaks) but the moving of medkits to the Assault class was a very good idea.

      As for spotting, I can see both sides of the coin here. Sure, it may seem ‘noobish’ to just spam the spot button and see the enemy behind rocks and such, but there’s no doubt it encourages teamwork, forces you to be more on your toes on how you flank and keeping yourself out in the open. Besides, it’s an easy way to find that wookie hiding in a bush.

      I think spotting could have a tweak where if they break line of sight, then the spot goes away. But it’s not a big issue for me.

      • Yeah I found spotting was handy both in terms of (a) cutting down on camping and (b) actually being able to your teammates where enemies are, especially when said teammates don’t have headsets.

      • I must’ve closed the tab before I clicked reply :S

        The classes/kits look good. Pretty much like the 2142 setup with the Assault having medkits and such.

        I can’t be sold on the BC spotting system though. BF2 had it perfect. Spotting meant your target would show up on your teams radar and they all had a general idea of where to look. That was more than enough.

    • A good sniper shouldn’t have to worry about getting spotted.
      Dozens of times I’ve put myself in a position in bc2 where I wasn’t spotted until they sent men in on foot looking for me. And I’ve of course experiences similar difficulties finding enemy snipers on occasion.

  • While I can see the improvements they’ve made, it still looks just as clunky as BC2. Of course I’ll still be playing the hell out of it, but I prefer the more fluid system of the MW series.

    Also, hopefully they make the destructible environment a little bit more consequential than shown in the first clip. If bricks and debris are flying out at the player, it should at least cause damage or disorientate.

    Can’t wait for more footage to be released.

    • From what I heard I believe you can get crushed by debris, for instance that facade falling from the building, but I haven’t seen anything on damage distance and the like.

  • The knife action is still clunky/slow. I’m getting back into BC2 at the moment and that’s really the one thing that bugs me. I realise that they are trying a more delayed/realistic approach, but I’d prefer them to speed it up a little, other then that, bring it on!

    • There seems to be 2 ways to kill with a knife. By arming with a knife and slashing them to death (no dogtags), or taking their dogtags in the scripted animation. so if you want the tags, it leaves you vulnerable for fire from other players.

  • I don’t get why people can’t just like both franchises? (BF and MW2-3 etc)Why does there need to be this adversarial competition?

  • The guns still look to thin and poorly scaled. Seriously, only MW2 seems to have the size and weighting right. MW1, Black Ops and the BFBC games all seem to suffer this.

  • A) bc2 has no spotting in hardcore mode and b) you can’t spam spot as it’s limited to 3 or 4 spots then a cool down of 60 secs. Noobs.

  • Spotting can be switched off server side in BC2, assuming it should be the same in BF3 so really a non-issue just find a server that has the option you prefer.

  • Graphics look great but what I really wanna see is some vehicular action specifically jets, will definitely pre-order when I get a chance.

  • 2 Things:

    1) he’s using a controller in the first vid, not mouse+keyboard. pc version? strange.

    2) you can see his nickname in the first vid. stoooopid.

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