Child Cosplay Should Be Cruel (But It's Just Damn Cute)

This is Boo. Earlier in the month Boo went to her first ever PAX, in Melbourne, Australia. Boo spent the weekend as a cosplay clotheshorse for her parents. Over the course of the event she was everything from a tiny little Ezio to a tiny little Claptrap from Borderlands. As you can guess, photos with the wee one were in high demand.

Boo's 1st PAX [Imgur, via Fashionably Geek]


    The dude with Boo in the first picture, the AC Dev, through me my winning AC4 shirt <3

    I'm not one to throw the word 'Adorable' around much, but there was no better adjective to describe this little girl I saw on Day 2 of PAX

    The tiny Claptrap might be a bit much but I saw tiny Ezio at PAX and thought she was great.

    I guess my question is Boo her real name?

      No, it's just a nickname (she has many).

      We actually threw the photos up to ask if people took pictures or especially video of her if we can get a copy (we saw some guys with some pretty professional gear chasing her around for a good while). We have gotten a few but only a tiny fraction of those that people took of her. So if anyone reading this has some I'd love to see them.

      She had a wonderful time especially as ezio. The attendees and organisers/enforcers made it a fantastic show for her.

    Y'all need more pics of the infant Mega Man that was there. Poor little guy seemed like he totally didn't want to be there :P

    Not sure if she beats tiny chun li but she's pretty damn cute

    Definitely the winner of PAX.

    Only saw Boo on Sunday getting out of the claptrap costume, she'd had enough by then :D

      Hehe she never really liked that one. We tried a few times and she wasn't having a bar of it (she had enjoyed it at home) but a bunch of people asked if we had cosplayed our pram which was kind of funny and with the single front wheel it actually worked.

      Lessons learned for next year :D

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