EA Says It Is Still Going To ‘Support’ Darkspore

EA Says It Is Still Going To ‘Support’ Darkspore

Earlier today, we linked to a report from GameTrailers noting that EA would not be supporting its 2011-released RPG Darkspore in the face of persistent errors. The moderator on the forum in question where this alleged announcement took place, however, is not an EA employee, EA said in an email to Kotaku today.

Here’s the statement we received:

Maxis continues to support Darkspore and its servers. We recently resolved a problem where players were having issues connecting to the game.

The post in question came from a moderator who is not an employee of EA. That post has been updated to reflect accurate information. Players experiencing technical issues should contact help.ea.com for customer support.

No word yet on whether the game will be back on Steam — as of this writing Fahey tells me it’s still not in the Steam store — even after the connection issues have, as EA says, been resolved. We’ve asked EA and will update this post as we hear more.


    • From what I understand it was a horribad always-online almost-enforced-multiplayer Diablo clone set in ‘sort of’ the Spore universe, only without any of the customizability that made the first one famous. Oh, and played by like… maybe a thousand people, most of whom regretted their purchase.

  • Picked it up as part of a Steam sale. Couldn’t log in at all. EA were aware of the issue, their resolution was to call overseas and get their techs to solve the problem.

    Ultimately the call would of cost more than the game itself.

    Steam were understanding enough to give me credit. I spent it on a game that worked.

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