Every Game Would Be Better With Blink From Dishonored

The best part of Dishonored — a phenomenal game in just about every way — is the Blink spell, an ability that lets you instantly teleport a short distance in front of you. Blink is really, really cool. So cool that we think it should really be in every video game.


See? Feel free to make your own GIFs and drop'em below.


    Replace "blink" with "portals" and this was already done three years ago.

    Is that the same Blink idea that was used in Shadowrun in 2007 on the Xbox?

    I agree with oggob. This would be terrible.
    I really hope this is some kind of troll

    Every Game Would Be Better Without Blink From Dishonored

    Two things:
    1) Blink existed way before Dishonored.
    2) Blink(y) is already in Ms Pac Man.

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