Dishonored Is Stunning At 4K Resolution

Dishonored Is Stunning At 4K Resolution

Dishonored came out two years ago. So, you’d be forgiven for forgetting how splendid Arkane’s Victorian stealth game looked. But, thanks to the glory of screenshots done up in 4K, you can marvel at the design of Dishonored all over again.

The thing about bumping up the resolution of a game like Dishonored is that you can better appreciate all the little details that make its gameworld feel like it has a history. Yeah, the characters’ faces don’t look as amazing as the environments in these shots but it’s the space you’re moving through that creates so much of the mood in games like this.

Dishonored Is Stunning At 4K Resolution
Dishonored Is Stunning At 4K Resolution
Dishonored Is Stunning At 4K Resolution

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    • Bearing in mind that on a 4k monitor the pixel density will be much higher, so it won’t be like viewing these images at 1:1 on a lower res screen.

      • This may be a dumb question, but: Does viewing something of 4K res on a lower res monitor at 100% zoom (as in, you have to scroll to see the whole picture) give an accurate indication of what this would look like on a 4K monitor? Because in theory wouldn’t a giant 4k monitor have a comparable pixel density as a lower res, but much smaller monitor?

        • yup, 100 % accurate, assuming your viewing at 100%. At 100% you are viewing it at the same pixel density as a 4k monitor which is why you need to scroll around as it wont fit on screen.

        • Have to disagree with Zetrox.

          It will show you the same pixels, but if you have a 24″ 4k monitor then at 100% zoom the pixel density will be a lot greater than a 24″ 1080p monitor at 100% zoom.

          However, if, as you say, you used a “much smaller monitor” then you’d probably get a better idea. To give some sense of that, a 27″ 1440p monitor has the same density as a (roughly) 20″ 1080p monitor, from memory.

          • Yeah I figured re the density. I’d personally only really see the point of something having 4k res if it was going to be pretty big – probably too big for a PC monitor…

          • I have a 1440p 27″, and IMHO it’s the perfect balance of size and resolution. Any larger and it gets uncomfortable to use, but you wouldn’t want a significantly lower resolution at that size either IMHO (I have a 1080p 27″ briefly… it was horrible).

          • I currently use a 32″ HD television as my monitor, and it’s too big. I don’t mind the quality of the picture (I don’t have what one would call perfect 20/20 vision…), but I have to sit pretty far away from it for it to not be a bit annoying. Isn’t 4K more like ~2000p?

          • Yeah, I think so – the other trade off I had to bear in mind was GPU power. I was running a Radeon 6870 which surprisingly could push 1-2 year old games out at medium settings at 1440p, but have since upgraded to an r290 which can run everything at that res on ultra settings.

            You’d need some kind of military grade SLI setup to actually game at 4k, I think…

    • The textures look blocky at 1080p, but at that res it looked like part of the ‘air brushed but kinda square and simple’ art style. IMHO of course.

  • Might give this game another go, only played for a few hours.. hated how they gave you options but forced you to use one.

      • I like to run and gun but got punished every time, I know it a stealth game but don’t give the option if you can’t use it.

        • I’ve done both a steath and a run n gun playthrough, I never found it especially hard to do the later, jumping and blink are your friend.

        • You can run and gun the whole game though? Just because other characters react negativity toward it doesn’t mean that it’s not an option.

        • I just finished playing Dishonored after picking it up in the steam sale, doing a low chaos and a high chaos on hard difficulty one after the other (with a low chaos knife of dunwall/brigmore witches run in between), and about the only “punishment” you get is a few more rats (occasionally where there was 2-4 rats will be a swarm instead), a few more weepers (either bumping up the number where they already were or in at least one place, survivors being replaced with weepers) and missing out on Pendletons reward (you may also miss the Boyle reward rune but you would have to kill 2-3 of them which I never did so can’t be sure), the story remains mostly the same throughout until towards the last 3rd or so with an alternate end senario and samuel’s cut scene dialogue changing. Also high chaos has 2 endings depending on if you pass the final objective or not.

          Also should you go for a high chaos run and gun, definitely get the bend time power ASAP, with designs to get bend time 2, that is a mass murderers best friend in this game.

  • Still IMO one of the best games I have ever played…wished that made it longer.

  • Yeah I’m with you on this one. I really enjoyed it, playing through it twice to see some of the differences from making various choices, but I hated how the game gave you all these awesome powers but outright told you that using anything other than knockout kills and teleporting was the worst sin imaginable! The characters had no concept of the player trying not to kill anyone, but if they made a mistake and got spotted (and didn’t want to reload a checkpoint so as to stay in the narrative) then they HAD to kill some guards to escape and get the job (that THEY SENT YOU ON) done.

    Moral systems need more “you had no choice but to kill in that situation” alternatives I find. But I’m no AI programmer, and I assume that would be nearly impossible without creating something like Skynet…

  • Great art style but what an awful game. It’s really just a bit of a mess, but a pretty mess.

  • I wish I’d liked this game more, but gosh it’s pretty like this.

    …Except I still don’t get why everyone has clown hands.

  • Man this game needs a sequel. Not the same characters, but the same universe. I loved this game, and can’t wait to reinstall it so that I can go through on the maximum chaos run through. Ghost be damned!

    • After Dishonored proved to be way more successful Bethesda and the devs at Arkane Software started looking at doing a sequel in the same universe.
      Now Arkane is very quietly working on something unannounced so there is a good amount of hope Dishonored 2 is in the works.

      • Oh cool! I was interested to hear that they considered a feudal Japan-esque setting for the initial plans, but I’m really stoked with how it turned out. I wonder if they might revisit it? Dishonored assassins might make the best playable shinobi in a videogame yet!

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