How To Prank A Religious Protestor At Comic-Con

Photographer Sebastian Jespersen took some amazing cosplay photos at Comic-Con, which you can see here, but my favourite shot of his has nothing to do with dressing up. It's this one. Where the dude on the right is getting a lesson in how to protest topics relevant to the show at hand.

Sebastian Jespersen [Flickr]


    Down with this sort of thing!

    "Repent! and Believe in Jesus"?

    Not only has he started a sentence with "and", he's not capitalised it and then randomly capitalised "believe"

      Maybe its "Believe and in Jesus"... .... .........

    That's not a protester, that's just really bad Rorschach cosplay.

    I don't identify as a religious person, but I dislike this kind of thing. Why not just let people love the things they love? As gamers we get so disgruntled when people put crap on gaming yet we enjoy putting crap on what other people love. It's hypocritical.

      Why doesn't the guy advertising his beliefs love the things he loves in private. If he wasn't out pushing his views on others he wouldn't have crap put on him.

      Well this is a reaction to someone showing up at random (he came to them rather than them going to him) to wave religion in people's faces, the repent demand pretty well implies that the people who will see the sign are doing something wrong. Its not unreasonable to react in a way that is both contrary and mildly amusing

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        Eh, I kinda agree and kinda disagree. I agree that he's kinda showing up and hawking. But on the other hand, two wrongs don't make a right. I'd be inclined to go up and give the guy a high five or give him a hug or something silly like that, y'know, fight bigotry with love.

    "So what finally turned you to Christianity?"

    "Some guy holding a sign at a games convention"... said no one ever.

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