Ride To Hell Has Serious Issues, So It's Perfect For Animated GIFs

Ride To Hell: Retribution, an action-adventure about the bikers of the '60s is a bad game — it's full of glitches, bugs, and weird, incomprehensible moments. It's something I'd only play for the laughs and funny footage. That's what the always superb YouTuber motdef did in his video, the best moments of which we now present here as animated GIFs.

The grammatical error in the GIF up top is no coincidence. Maybe some of you remember the other fantastic, similar game filled with trucks and glitches that had this quote.

Ride To Hell: Retribution, ladies and gentlemen!


    Oh god, that caravan is AWESOME!

      Looks like an uncharted set piece!

    Hahah excellent. Watched Yahtzee rip it apart yesterday, was fun :)


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