A New Breath Of Fire Is Coming, And It's An Online Mobile Game


    A New Breath Of Fire Is Coming

    Yes! YEEEEEESS!!!

    And It's An Online Mobile Game


    *sees artwork*


    awesome! :D

    If i can fish and turn into a dragon, im sold.

      THIS. Those literally were my first two thoughts.

      Breathing fire and catching whales with fishing poles

    It's an Touch Phone/Interface "online" RPG

    Why do I get a bad feeling that their going to apply the same "social" aspects of Rockman Xover? here...

    fuck that crap im more interested in the second point of interest

    PS3/Wii U版「モンスターハンター フロンティアG」が発表!

    chances are just like portable 3rd and HD 3rd it wont hit western shores :(

    Capcom + Mobile? One moment while I assume the position.

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