Australians Are Playing A Ridiculous Amount Of Fallout Right Now

Australians Are Playing A Ridiculous Amount Of Fallout Right Now

Fallout 4, 76 and Fallout: New Vegas are still the top three best-selling selling games in Australia and New Zealand. Bethesda’s post apocalyptic RPGs have stayed at the top of the best-seller charts for a second week, following the successful Prime Video series. In the battle for which game in the franchise players should jump into, Fallout 4 has decisively won out in Australia and NZ. Whether it’s by virtue of being the most recent single-player release or not is anyone’s guess.

These stats come directly from the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA), which publishes a running list of the top-selling games in Australia and New Zealand each week. This data comes from international sales tracker Game Sales Data. For the period from April 15 to April 21, 2024, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and Fallout: New Vegas sit in the top three best-selling games (in that exact order) for both Australia and New Zealand. Fallout 3 takes out the fifth spot for both countries, too. The week prior (April 8-14), Fallout 4 took out the top spot, followed by Helldivers 2 and Fallout: New Vegas in Australia, with 76 in fifth place. Arrowhead Studios’ popular title has now fallen to fourth spot as the Wasteland dominance continues, the first time since launch it’s been knocked out of the top spot.

The boom in sales for the Fallout games, of course, follows renewed interest connected to the smash-hit release of Fallout Season 1 on Prime Video. It seems all anyone can talk about right now is which game to pick up for the first time or to jump back into after finishing the series, and clearly, all that talk has been translating into some opening wallets, too.

Whether the Fallout games can maintain their sales dominance in Australia and New Zealand for another week as more folks get through the eight-episode season, or whether we go back to GTA V, Call of Duty: MWIII and NBA 2K24 dominance again is anyone’s guess given how all over the shop the charts often are. We gamers are a fickle bunch, after all.

You can check out the full chart listing for the week over on IGEA’s website now. If you’re keen to jump back into a Fallout game yourself, we’ve also got a strong case for checking out New Vegas

Image: Bethesda / Kotaku Australia / Obsidian

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