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Fallout 76, Bethesda’s troubled online survival shooter, received an update today that included a number of bug fixes and the addition of push-to-talk on PC. These all looked like welcome improvements, except for one small thing: the game’s “Feed the People” public event no longer gives every player on a server cans of meat stew.


Fallout 76 is not in a good place. There’s pretty much a consensus among fans on this point. Last week, Bethesda pivoted on its messaging, posting an apology to players on the Fallout 76 subreddit for not being very communicative about its plans for updating and fixing the game going forward.

After the latest patch was announced on Wednesday, things seemed to be trending in the right direction. But then, players discovered new problems.


So ... Fallout 76. Along with being a disappointing, albeit multiplayer, follow-up to Fallout 4 — itself a bit lame compared to New Vegas — Bethesda's return to the post-apocalyptic genre has been buggy. Super buggy. Which is annoying when you're playing by yourself, but when there are others around? Oh boy. One recent (and supposedly patched) bug allows pretty much anyone to have infinite carrying capacity. Want to lug around 239 pieces of power armour? No probs!


In the week since Fallout 76's release, it since has become one of 2018’s more divisive games. Its Metacritic page is a horrorshow; its official forum and subreddits are battlegrounds between those who have found something to love in the buggy online survival game and those who think Bethesda has taken the series off a cliff.


Out of all the next-gen games I've played this year, Forza Horizon is hands down one of the best looking and best optimised. So it's nice that there's an appropriate Xbox One X bundle, but it's not the only good bundle available.


Fallout 76's post-apocalyptic West Virginia is a mean place with few friends. Instead of getting your face chewed off by snallyghasters, why not spend time with the adorable Mothman? I’ll show you how in this video.

The Mothman can be randomly found throughout the game world, but the chance of an encounter is low. Instead, there’s a surefire way to summon him. If you head east of Vault 76 to Landview Lighthouse at night, there’s a chance you’ll get to participate in a special event called “The Path to Enlightenment.”

You (or any friendly players who show up) need to kill 50 fireflies and use their bioluminescent fluid to activate the lighthouse. It’s a pretty quick process that you can even pull off solo. If you do, you will summon the “Wise Mothman.”


Fallout 76's latest patch is now live. Bethesda had said it would be one of the game’s bigger ones, and at 47 GB on console it was, but the patch notes themselves are short, pointing only toward improved overall stability and handful of bug fixes.