Chun Li From Street Fighter Is Jealous. Of Everyone.

Take an assortment of cheesy embarrassment videos from all over the internet. Add in the blistering attacks of Street Fighter's Chun Li. Stir well. Laugh heartily. Yes, the premise that Chun Li would kick people into oblivion because people are talking her big thighs is sexist and unnecessary. But this latest video by Parodie Pub — tacky and sophomoric as it is — might make you laugh anyway. The crew responsible for this clip has also done similar features with Blanka as a can't-have-nice-things troll. Wonder what problem will lead Dhalsim to screw with people?


    hahahahhahaha! Well, that was a fantastic start to my day (^o^)

      Take a look at Blanka is a Troll, it's the same kind of thing, probably made by the same people. It's a bit funnier in my opinion

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