Devour Your Way To Victory In This Hack 'N' Slash RPG

The Witch and The Hundred Knight is a throw-back to the times when top-down action-adventure games ruled the world with fast and frantic hack 'n' slash battles.

In it, you play as the titular Hundred Knight — who, despite the implied plural, takes the form of a single, small, cute magical creature — and venture into the world of castles, swamps, and forests to help your master — the witch Metallica — take over the land. You do this by slaughtering scores of monsters in typical hack n' slash fashion.

Of course, as a magical creature, you can only exist as long as your witchy master can provide you with magic. And while this energy is consumed little by little even if you do nothing but stand around, moving, fighting, and healing damage take it up at an increased rate. Thus, to keep your power up, you can devour most monsters you come across. Unfortunately, keeping your energy high fills up your stomach and — as that is where you keep your items — lessens the amount of loot you can gather per dungeon crawling session.

The back end of the game is really rather deep as well, allowing you to equip a different weapon for each strike in a combo. And as most creatures are weak to one weapon or another, this means you'll constantly be switching your loadout as you encounter new enemies and bosses.

To see how the game plays in action, check out the video above.

The Witch and The Hundred Knight was released in Japan on July 25, 2013, for the PlayStation 3. While it is scheduled for a Western release, no official date has been set.


    Shame they will probably change her name for the english release, still pretty keen for this one either way.

      They are changing it to Metallia. For some reason they're also dropping the 's' in the title and just calling the game "Witch and the Hundred Knight". Still, I can't wait till early next year when it comes out.

      Last edited 31/08/13 6:09 pm

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