I Am In Love With This Bewitching Game Soundtrack

I Am in Love With This Bewitching Game Soundtrack

The Witch and The Hundred Knight presents a world filled with monsters, knights, ghosts, animal people, and, of course, witches. What's amazing is that you'd probably be able to guess that just by listening to a few bars of the soundtrack.

This is because several of the songs in this soundtrack are reminiscent of Danny Elfman's Nightmare Before Christmas score. So it really only takes a few seconds of listening to the soundtrack's most prevalent musical themes to put you in a Halloween mindset.

The other songs on the soundtrack range in style from accordion-heavy tracks like those found in the Layton games to more traditionally epic sounding RPG fare (complete with full choirs singing in Latin). But no matter the song I am listening to, I remain totally in love with this soundtrack. It has made The Witch and The Hundred Knight one of the few games that I don't mute even while endlessly grinding. It is a lot of fun.

But don't take my word for it, take a listen for yourself with some of the clips below.

Majo Magi Mahato

Majo no Yuwaku (Witch's Temptation)

Gone With the Dust

Black Crown

Foxy Zone

The Witch and The Hundred Knight was released in Japan on July 25, 2013, for the PlayStation 3. While it is scheduled for a Western release, no official date has been set.


    Nippon Ichi games always have great music. Majo Magi Mahato just makes me think of the brilliant and wonderful intro song to Disgaea 3. They've announced recently that the game is scheduled for early 2014 in the EU and US territories.

    Sounds exactly like the Disgaea games to me. Which isn't a surprise since it's the same composer (Tenpei Sato)

    All the Nippon Ichi games has such a distinct sound to their soundtracks.

    They're always catchy and fun, interesting and so unique.

    The sountrack for Zettai hero Project was a personal favourite, particuarly the song that kept changing styles every few seconds.

    Question on consistency - Dragon's Crown was crucified by authors here due to well endowed mages.

    The screenie above is arguably just as sexualised.

    Why no outcry?

      Other than the fact that the breasts arent stupidly monstrous, I don't know. In my opinion that screenie isnt even that sexualised I look at it and go wow this is colourful...oh theres a character. Hmm breasts, check. ok its female.........wow this is colourful

      Simply whether certain members of the media got their jimmies rustled or not.

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