I Can’t Believe How Human This Wall-E Robot Seems

Mike McMaster did it. He built a Wall-E that is so good, not only is it a working robot, it’s also so emotive, looking into its eyes could very well break your heart. Nevermind when it actually says something. Oh, my heart! Ack, how can a trash compacter from a Pixar film be so sweet?


Ahem. Anyway. It’s like Wall-E day here today, eh?

Although it may look ‘realistic,’ this Wall-E isn’t entirely made out of metal. Some parts are made out of foam. Still, at first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell. It’s that fantastic, and you can get an inside look at how this was built thanks to Tested.

Making a Real Life-Size Wall-E Robot (Geek Week!) [Tested]


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