Mortal Kombat Kebab Wizard Is Russia's New National Hero

Good lord, this guy goes HAM on an order of shawarma — enough that you gotta think, not only can he make your order, he could probably mess you up with that scimitar if he wanted to, huh?

Never mind that — this video by Хорен Аветисян is also a good reminder that it's impossible not to get pumped when the Mortal Kombat song plays.

Анапа 2013. Как местный парень готовил шаурму. [Хорен Аветисян via Gawker]


    pah! tepenyaki chefs have been doing this for ages

    At first I was like -_-
    Then at 0:25 I was like 0_O

    Just don't inadvertently form a rainbow out of toppings or you will be arrested for gay propaganda.

    there should have been more 'get over here!' :)

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