Watch Futurama Make Fun Of Adventure Time In Last Night's Episode

There was much excitement over the Futurama x Adventure Time crossover happening this week — the question was, how would it work? And now that the "Leela and the Genestalk" episode of Futurama aired last night, we know.

It's just a short cameo captured by Superjesterdude102, but still, funny — especially when you consider Bender and Jake are the same voice actor. As for what the episode was about, here's Wikipedia's summary: "The reason why Turanga Munda appears more mutated than in her original appearance is explained."

Finn and Jake Adventure Time Cameo in Futurama [Superjesterdude102]


    Can't wait to DL it cause who knows how long it'll take to appear over her in Aus via any other means :/

      Aus is actually playing these already I think it is 3 or for eps behind

    err, was that it?

      Yeah. Not sure why people made a big deal about it. It's just another pop culture reference. There's like fifty per episode.

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