Clever Twitter Avatar 'Breaks' Redesigned Twitter

Clever Twitter Avatar

It took me a minute to get my head around Twitter's latest redesign. I don't have a particularly strong opinion about the new blue-line-connected conversations, but the reverse in flow often has me moving my eyes in directions to which they are not accustomed. Right as I was catching my balance, the Twitter avatar up top came along and tipped me over.

What you see is a (humorous on its own) conversation between two game designers: QWOP designer Bennett Foddy and Proteus co-creator Ed Key. What you also see is Key's creative Twitter avatar, which "breaks" the conversation line between Foddy and himself. (You can download the image here.)

When I saw this on my phone this morning, I honestly didn't know what to make of it for a few seconds. (In my defence, I didn't had coffee yet.) I wondered, is there a way to actually break a conversation line? Was I looking at some heretofore unseen part of the new Twitter UI?

No, there is not; and no, I wasn't. Clever, Mr Key. Very clever.

It's likely there are other versions of this sort of idea out there, and with a little time in an illustration program, you could probably make your own. What if we all replaced our avatars with broken blue lines? I shudder to think.


    What if you write more gaming or gaming culture related stuff instead of a reddit post?

      Yeah, they should make a section for these type of stories at least........oh wait

        Or maybe a whole other site dedicate to them... They could call it Gizmodo or somesuch.
        I still find it amusing they had to create a tag so people could find the proper Kotaku articles.

        Last edited 05/09/13 7:48 pm

          You find it amusing they introduced a system to allow for easy navigation? I find it amusing that the tag system has been around for ages and people still make stupid comments about how it's not game news. No shit Sherlock

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