A 30-Second, 16-Player Version Of Chess You Can Play For Free

A 30 Second, 16-Player Version of Chess You Can Play For Free

Bennett Foddy's Speed Chessis not actually chess. It looks like chess and the pieces make chess moves, but it is the exact opposite of chess. And now you can play it, totally for free with up to 15 other people!

Bennett Foddy (creator of QWOP and Super Pole Riders) originally made this game for NYU's No Quarter exhibition last year. Up to 16 players take the role of various chess pieces, moving at the exact same time with no turns. Games are lightning fast, confusing and motivated almost purely by impulse.

We sat down with Bennett Foddy at NYU a few years ago. Here is our interview:

You can also see a single game in action here, courtesy of our friend Brandon Boyer:

Bennett Foddy's Speed Chess is free to download here (I hope you have a bunch of controllers). You can follow Bennett on twitter here.


    it is the exact opposite of chess
    This puzzles me. The pieces move you? (Yes, in Soviet Russia, etc).

      The exact opposite of chess is any game that I'm good at.

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