Zebra Will Give You A Headache, Then Possibly Make You Vomit

First there was QWOP, then there was GIRP.

Now Bennett Foddy has a new game. That game is called Zebra. Prepare to barf.

Essentially you are exploring a 3D space that looks like a goddamn magic-eye pic mixed with... I dunno a zebra? It's crazy.

Spend more than five minutes with this thing and I guarantee you: the brain in your head will be frazzled.

I'm imagining The Witness looking like this and now I'm dead. A corpse is writing this post.



    Woah, at first I thought I was killing it, but it catches up with you. Feels like when I've drunk too much, have a cigar, and I just have this buzzing, sickly feeling.

    Did you get an idea for this article from my comment posted in your rock climbing thread Mark?

    And here I was thinking there was something wrong with the thumbnail on the front page.

    Oh I think I found the end after only about two minutes :(


    wow once you get out of the zebra area it's pretty cool

      Reads like a treat, but my sensors are registering nausea.
      I'll wait for a screenshot to appear online if there is so.

      Even Fallout 4 gives me a headache (from my brothers and my rig), so 'been reading up on what causes it. It's many things.

    Hmmm, me too. Small maze? Also, are the walls transparent? Some of the patterns indicated they may be (i could see other lines of walls that I could not walk through).

      Not all of them are transparent.

      I ended up "outside" the maze with SICKNESS written next to the doorway. There was only once wall tile that you could see in to the maze from.

    That was horrible. You're horrible for posting it. Past-Ted is horrible for clicking it. Everything is horrible. Day ruined.

    I can't even look at these sorts of images for more than a few seconds. Instant headache, thanks Kotaku

    That's a pretty cool idea to use the intersection of lines as a way of creating the outline of walls. Does it mean I have some kind of superpower if it didn't really affect me at all? I can read in a moving vehicle too so if you need to do a book review on the way to school but get motion sickness, I got you covered.

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