How A Tiny Indie Studio Got Tomb Raider's Writer To Work On Their Game

"In Germany, saying that you want to make games is like saying you want to make porn." There's rhythmic thumping in Beatbuddy but, don't worry, it's safe for work.

The quote above comes from Denis Rogic, one of the members of Threaks, a German indie dev team that recently released their first game. Rogic talked to Steve Marinconz and myself about pursuing a career in game design and the unusual way he and his colleagues got funding to make Beatbuddy. He also explains how they got writer extraordinaire Rhianna Pratchett — fresh off her work on Tomb Raider — to help craft the story for their rhythm platformer.

Beatbuddy really stands out how tightly it marries movement and music. It helps that the tunes are so great but it's also a fun, inviting platformer that's bursting with colour.


    Yeah because the marriage of gameplay and character was so great in Tomb Raider.

    "I'm sorry..." After killing the one deer that serves a purpose in the game. Maniacally and brutally murders hundreds of men with Gosling-like efficiency and no experience.

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