EB Games Store In QLD Says 'Cocaine' At Its GTA V Launch Party Was Sherbet

Retailer Confirms There Was No Cocaine At Its GTA V Launch Party

Because of course we all thought there was actual cocaine all over the counter at a GTA launch in Australia earlier this week, retailer EB Games has thoroughly investigated the matter and come to what it feels is a satisfactory conclusion.

In a statement issued to MCV Pacific, an EB Games spokesperson said:

Regrettably, one of our EB Games store locations in Queensland set-up an unauthorised display within the store in support of the launch of the Grand Theft Auto V video game. The display included a white powdery substance that appeared to be some form of an illegal drug.

We can confirm that the powdery substance was 'sherbet', a type of fizzy candy, and at no point did the store attempt to give any of the fizzy candy away. This was an isolated incident, and we apologise for any offence this may cause.

Not sure what I love more. The fact they investigated this, the helpful description of sherbet or the assurances that at no point was the store giving away candy.

EB apologises for mock cocaine stunt [MCV]


    Yeah we know. We got an update about it on the day it happened

      This is a repost from the US Kotaku, who apparently only just got the news.

        Man, if only there were some way to instantly share news and information with other countries. Like some kind of interconnected... network... or something.

    Of course it was fake. Do you have any idea how much that much coke costs in Brisbane?!

      About 250 a g if u know the right people otherwise around 550 a gram :)

    It was already reported in the original article that it was sherbet.

    c'mon guys, plunkett rarely does news stuff, and when he does.. you know he's trying! even if it's almost a week late.

    At $380/gm there's no way it was actual Cocaine unless the EB store employee won the lottery, of course why come to work then? just stay home doing games and blow!

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