Judge Bans Teen From Playing Video Games. Uh, What?

Judge Bans Teen From Playing Video Games. Uh, What?

A US judge has banned a 17-year-old from playing video games after he was arrested and charged with assaulting his mother when she unplugged his PlayStation 3. So, this kind of thing doesn’t happen just with Xbox 360 players, just sayin’.

The Racine Journal Times, according to WISN-TV in the video below, reported that Jeffrey Ehlers, 17, was cussin’ out the game console on Sunday “because he was losing,” at an unspecified game. (However, props to local news for specifying PlayStation 3!) When he wouldn’t heed his mother’s demands to calm down, she pulled the plug on the console.

The outcome was similar to another conflict between a mum and a floppy-haired teen with a DGAF expression in his booking photo. Ehlers attacked his mum, said cops, who were called to the home.

If convicted, Ehlers could face up to 90 days in the slammer.

Judge Bans Racine County Teen From Playing Video Games [WISN-TV; h/t Brandon S.]


  • They can actually do that? How would it even be enforced. Seems kind of stupid and the news article itself contains very little information about the ban

    • I think the obvious point here that most seem a little ignorant to is the obvious sensationalism and stigma attached by the media to video games. Perpetuating the myth that games are for children and those who play them must be treated as such. The story is almost so pointless that one could easily come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t have aired if games weren’t involved. It’s old and unoriginal but that’s the case and inherent problem.

      There’s that other side of the story where a kid just got punished for doing something stupid and nothing more. Fortunately, I can’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to only grasp that tiny slither of information from this.

      • You seem very logical, but perhaps you’ve missed what Mainstream Media has been doing these past years.

      • This is local news coverage of a minor assaulting a parent. The fact a game console was involved is flavour, local news tends to report things like this regardless. It’s no different to articles about, for example, some teen who attacked his mum after she said he couldn’t go to a music festival.

  • So… was he also forced to undertake treatment for his obvious anger control issues, or is that it?

    • I watched Judge Judy for years in the hope that one day she’d send somebody to the chair. Never happened 🙁

      • I uhh, I don’t think that you can do that in civil cases.

        Although, that would just make it funnier.

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