What Assassin’s Creed IV Will Look Like On PS4 And Xbox One

What Assassin’s Creed IV Will Look Like On PS4 And Xbox One

Once the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 drop, I imagine that many early adopters will ask themselves one question over and over again during the first year: do I buy new games on current-gen consoles, or next-gen consoles?

And, welp. If what you’re looking for is stuff like prettier foliage and weather effects, then a next-gen copy of a game sounds like the right fit for you…if the franchise happens to be Assassin’s Creed, that is.

Dat rain tho.

What Assassin’s Creed IV Will Look Like On PS4 And Xbox One


  • I’ll be honest…

    I’m not that keen on playing Assassins Creed 4.

    But I will play the everloving shit out of Pirate Simulator The Game.

  • Any word on when the PC version is releasing? It would be interesting to see how the PS4 / Xbone versions compare.

  • Will next gen run at 60fps? That’s all that really matters.

    I say that having seen a trailer for MGSV running at 60fps… it just adds so much more to the game than some nice looking rain or any other graphical fidelity improvements could add.

    • Second this……. 60FPS brings the immersion up to another level above just polygons and textures.

      Even movies start to give me a headache now after playing PC and [some] PS3 games.

      In the AR tech community, even that’s nowhere near enough. 120Hz is minimum for clear integration into your field of view. I know it’s apples and oranges but I wanted an example to state that there needs to be more emphasis on framerate rather than polys.

    • Absolutely this. My two biggest pet peeves about games on current gen hardware are: low/ massive dips in frame rate, and friggin pop-in. Nothing snaps me out of the immersion of a game world like pop-in and a choppy frame rate. AC3 and FC3 have the most horrendous pop-in on PS3 I’ve seen in a loing time. It’s so jarring walking or driving along and having entire mountains just pop-in from out of nowhere.

      I really hope next gen addresses these issues —also native 1080p would be nice too— or I just may have to get a PC and join the (obviously) vastly superior “master race”.

      • I just recently joined the PC ‘master race’ and yeah, after playing 1080p 60+fps, current gen consoles are a bit of a strain on the eyes.

        Word from most devs at the moment (who are willing to discuss it anyway) seems to be that next gen games will run at a native 720p 60fps, upscaled to 1080p. Definitely the better choice than 1080p at 30fps.

    • Ahhh, my question exactly. With the specs you’d think it could. Whenever I play games on my PC I always tweak the settings and lower a few things here and there to get a constant 60 fps. Sure it might not look quite as pretty, but boy I love how it runs.

  • “What Assassin’s Creed IV Will Look Like On PS4 And Xbox One”
    Like a horrible laggy gif?

    Seriously though that video looks pretty cool, if the PC version runs that well at 60+ FPS I might have to look into it.

    • You have to assume the PC version is the next gen console one.

      If it isn’t going to be, I won’t buy.

    • the great hope is that now PS4 and XBone share more in common with desktop PC’s we won’t have any ganky buggy PC ports anymore..

      hahaha. *sigh*

  • Kinda wish I pre-ordered this now instead of watchdogs…. then again… ARGH!! Both games look awesome!!

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