Build A Ship, Lose The Ship, Build Another Ship, Go Shoot Some Ships

Defect SDK is a game about designing a ship, building it then going off into space to do some damage. The catch being that at some point, the perfect ship you've designed to beat will be turned against you when your crew defects. Forcing you to design an even more perfect ship to beat it.

It's due out on PC, Mac, Android and iOS next year. Loving the scaling, both in terms of visuals and size of the battles.

Defect SDK [Site]


    Ho DAMN... that looks sweet. Love the ever expanding scale of it. Also love they managed to build an almost perfect Defiant from DS9 lol

      Not to mention the Alliance Snowspeeder from Star Wars and what I am pretty sure was the Planet express ship from Futurama.

    ANOTHER space ship building game, my god, enough is enough, I already struggle getting into an orbit in Kerbal let alone not crashing into the Mun, still working out what the hell I am doing in Kinetic Void (hint: big engines don't make a fast ship) and now this. I am going to be all spaced out when I buy this one. I even bought Take on Mars and I think I need to build a lunar year is so far away though :(

      How is Kenetic Void? I was thinking of getting it but I heard it was pretty bare bones atm.

        *very* bare bones. Ship building is interesting, but after screwing around a little you realise its pretty basic beyond belief. I'm hoping some more gets added to it in terms of substance.

        I haven't even worked out if I can destroy other ships, I shot one for about 5 minutes and no explosions. Considering it is in beta 0.03 there isn't much to it yet, but the ship building is alright.

    Someone's taken some graphical inspiration from Homeworld I think. Homeworld and Geometry Wars :P

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