If You Think Thief 4 Looks Crap, Try This

If You Think Thief 4 Looks Crap, Try This

The Dark Mod has long been one of the most famous PC mods around. Using Doom 3 as a base, the idea was to transform id's shooter into an old-fashioned game inspired by the old-fashioned Thief games. It was great. Now it's even better, because it doesn't need Doom 3 anymore.

Version 2.0 of TDM is now out, bringing all kinds of nice changes and tweaks to the project. Best of all, though, is that it's now a full standalone release. Oh, and if you're new to it, it's free.

The base package is around 2gb, with missions to be added on top of that. You can get it here.

The Dark Mod [Site]


    hmmmmmm. site appears to be down.

    Thief 4? You mean the one that isnt out yet?

      Nah, the Thief 4 that's already out... *insert eye rolling emoticon*

        No, the Thief 4 that's not out yet and thus has not given us any ability to properly judge the quality of how it looks yet. *Insert eye rolling, face palming emoticon*

          It appears my sarcasm was lost on you.

    Looks great.

    I truly love the idtech4 engine.

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