My New Favourite Thing: 100 Cars Exploding In GTA V

Put explosions and decent physics in a game and you can be sure people will spend a lot of time making some very impressive things blow up. In this case, over 100 cars at a time, in what we can call a fiery display of metal-and-upholstery fireworks.

If you're wondering how it was done, creator SubParButInHD didn't do things the hard way by parking each car individually. Instead, he used a car spawning cheat to line stuff up, dropped some sticky bombs, got to a safe distance then broke out the popcorn.

My New Favourite Thing: 100 Cars Exploding In GTA V

GTA V - Massive chain reaction explosions (100+ cars) [YouTube] Chain Reaction [imgur]


    I think it's great that Rockstar has already given Kotaku the PC version of this game.

      I always thought it was more of a "build it and they will come" type thing happening.......

      Keep posting GTA5 in PC and Rockstar haveto make it....right....right???

    Awesome vids from GTA V! Loving the creativity some people have (like Myth Busters & Minor Details)!!!

      Loving the mythbusters series.

    That was good but could have done with some editing.. Quality over quantity. etc

    Would have been nice to see a jerry can start

    It looks like the engine reduces the particle count when shit gets hectic, so frame rates don't dip to single digits. There were a lot of explosions missing particle effects during a lot of those sequences. Thats sick.

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