They’re Making A New City Of Heroes. Kind Of

They’re Making A New City Of Heroes. Kind Of

As you may have heard, City of Heroes, one of the oldest superhero MMORPGs, is no more. But its spirit lives on, apparently. In a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign is for a game called City of Titans — a superhero MMORPG, much like its spiritual predecessor, City of Heroes. It will be a buy-to-play game, supported with a non-pay-to-win cash shop and optional VIP subscriptions. Missing Worlds Media, the group developing the game, actually consists of over a hundred self-professed City of Heroes fans, whose mission is to “deliver a unique massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, created from the community of a lost universe, to build a new community for a new world.”

The project has quite the momentum. In a few hours, more than 300 backers already pledged over $US50,000 — and these numbers are rising steadily. Provided the campaign reaches its goal of $US320,000 (at this point, it most likely will), City of Titans’ initial beta release will be out in mid-to-late 2015.

The Phoenix Project – City of Titans [Kickstarter]


  • I loved CIty of Heroes. I’m not sure if I have enough faith in fans of the game to make something as memorable.

    A lot of that video was single assets being shown in various engine lighting and camera panning…

  • My memory is fuzzy, I could’ve sworn these same guys did a funding drive like… last year or something.

    • Nope. This is the first time they’ve looked for funding. They’ve been discussing the Kickstarter for quite a while; waiting until it was actually “needed”.

  • Man I actually loved City of Heroes.. I think they really messed themselves over with the dual game “strategy”.. I got it for free thankfully, but at the time if i’d bought both i’d be pretty deep into it..

    Then all the sudden the other half is just free for everyone, while discount copies of either is suddenly available, quartering the cost to get into it… Bit of a kick in the sack..

    Their mission generator for its time was still fantastic, but they failed to ever really add any extra depth to the game.. One of the drawbacks of starting with such ‘powerful’ characters (once everyone can fly) I guess..

  • I’m very concerned about their ability to budget because $320,000 is a very low number for an MMO like this. What’s even more concerning is that they don’t appear to have anything budgeted for the actual development and incidental costs, only software, licensing and hardware. It’s always great to see fans grouping together to make something they love, but sometimes passion blinds you to the realities of projects like this. Good to see they’re being realistic about the risks though.

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