This Donkey Kong Trailer Makes The Delay Even Harder To Take

Donkey Kong Country Returns is great. This is fact. Despite this, many were a little disappointed when it was announced that Retro Studios was working on a sequel instead of a new Metroid game or something else entirely. I was among those silly people, until I played Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and reminded myself how good this game could be.

The level design, from the short time I spent with the game, was as inventive and polished as ever. This new trailer, released in the wake of news the game is being delayed, is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because we get to see a bit more of the game, a curse because it makes that delay all the more difficult to swallow.

This trailer focuses on the inclusion of Dixie Kong, which is all well and good, but it sort of deviates the game footage away from what I'd like to see personally: new mechanics or cool level designs. Still, it's interesting to see how Dixie will be implemented. She has a Yoshi style 'stretch' jump thing that will no doubt come in handy.

I'm super excited for this, but after Super Mario 3D World's ridiculous trailer, it might be a good thing that these two stellar looking Nintendo games have some breathing space from one another.


    "Donkey Kong Country Returns is great. This is fact."
    I beg to differ, forced motion controls in a side-scrolling platformer/action/adventure/whatever you would call Donkey Kong Country is far from great.

    This looks great though. DKC2 was always my favourite of the old games so I'm happy to see dixie back, still hoping they bring back more of the animal stuff though :S

      Forced waggle is annoying, but it doesn't stop DCKR from being great.

        Amazing game! Each level is unique and interesting, with it's own special mechanic or presentation. The waggle is annoying, but you get used to it - a shoulder button would have been so much more convenient though.

      Check out the 3DS version.

      It's waaaaaaaay better without the motion controls.

        +1 for playing on 3ds. The game is surprisingly pretty difficult too.

        Might just do that, the game seemed pretty good but the shaking every 5 seconds drove me crazy.

      Yeah - the waggle to roll took a great game and made it merely OK. I didn't hate playing it, but the crap controls resulted in way to many deaths.

    That boss fight showed a Wiimote/Nunchuck boxing combo, but the Wii U doesn't come with a Wiimote. Are there motion controls in this game that require playing on a Wiimote, or can I just use my Pro pad or Wii U gamepad?

      I would assume you can just use the Gamepad and the remote/nunchuck is an alternative/2 player option.

        Yeah, I hope so. I wouldn't mind a little DK: Jungle Beat tap and clap using the touch screen and mic, but if the game uses the Wiimote motion controls I think it'd be a big setback.

      Not sure. But New Super Mario Bros. Wii U allows single player on the game pad (but not multiplayer). I'd imagine this may be similar.

    Would you say it's driving you bananas.

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    My kids are going to LOVE this!

      The first game was actually damn hard in places, much too hard for a young kid to get through without assistance, so it really depends on how old your kids are. Don't be fooled by the cartoony visuals and the G or PG rating it's likely to receive, it falls into the same kind of category as Wind Waker as looking like a kid's game but really isn't.

        Is that really that much of a negative? When I was a kid I'd play heaps of games I couldn't beat but I sure did love playing them. How many kids suck at Pokemon? Whenever I play MMORPGs there's always a bunch of players who have no idea what they're doing, yet they seem to be having fun anyway.
        Don't get me wrong, I prefer casual games that everyone can play, I'm just not sure difficult parts are that big a deterrent for kids, especially if their dad can get them past it.

          Well yeah that was my point. Kids can play it, absolutely, but if it's anything like the first one, they'll struggle to get through some parts of it on their own. It's not a negative at all, I think more games need to raise the challenge bar, but it's just a game like this, that LOOKS like purely a kid's game when it really isn't due to the difficulty, that can be a bit of a trap.

          No doubt some whizkid 8 year old can speed run the game in under hour without losing a single life, but I'm not talking about those kinds of kids :P

        Well my kids are too young to play much, they just watch me play.

        And they are gonna LOVE WATCHING ME PLAY THIS!

    Ok Retro, but next time Metroid ok?

    Those bloody barrel rocket levels again......

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