A Graphics Card That Will Melt At High Temperatures

A Graphics Card That Will Melt At High Temperatures

Don't go overclocking this LEGO graphics card. It will melt into a puddle of rainbow goop.

Builder Nick V even made an accompanying specs sheet for it:

>>PowerBuild CRLMRM IRON HD 1640 9IB 64-bit HNSL DVD Extreme x32 HD Ready ABS Support Video Card

Get ready for the latest development in plastic-based video card technology! The PowerBuild IRON HD Video Card features state of the art construction including a Carl Merriam endorsed 7-blade fan to deliver smooth techniques and visual displays whilst running at a constant cool temperature.

>> 1640 Stream Processors

>> 9IB 64-bit ABS Drive

>> Third party enhancements

Oh, and just for the record, in case you would actually want to try and do it: LEGO actually melts at 105C.

PowerBuild IRON HD Video Card [Nick V, via Brothers Brick]


    Damn! When I saw the thumb nail, it looked like a real graphics card.

    That's great... Come back when you have built the rest of the computer.

    Last edited 15/11/13 7:40 am

    I thought this was going to be a post on the 290x.

    I hope it's got all plastic mossfets and lego technic fan control.

    I want a video of it melting...

      .... so I just spent my last 10 minutes watching videos of melting lego on youtube.

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