Nintendo, Take My Money, Please

Nintendo, Take My Money, Please

At the end of this month, Nintendo will be re-releasing a game. It's beautiful. An all-time classic. And it's... not a video game.

Going back to the company's roots, back when it made real games, this exquisite Mahjong set will go on sale in Japan for just under $US200. Which isn't cheap, but look at this thing. There's not a Mario or Link in sight; just classic Mahjong with a Nintendo logo, all in a gorgeous box.

Nintendo, Take My Money, Please

There's also a mat for $US50. Which, I don't know, could pull double duty for Pokémon games.

Nintendo, Take My Money, Please


    All I know about Mahjong is that one scene in Killer7.

    My mother plays Mahjong, but I doubt she would appreciate the significance of a Nintendo branded set. I might have to consider it might be the first time my mother has ever regularly played Nintendo... :D

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    I absolutely love playing Mahjong!

    This set is absolutely gorgeous and I do need to replace my ageing one....

    all i know about mahjong is that sunday mornings with a house full of filipinos playing mahjong is the loudest fucking thing ever.

    ah Mahjong, i wish more of my friends played, online is awesome because of the speed but nothing like playing with people.

    This all comes down to how the tiles feel. If they feel good, I'm getting one.

    Now, release a Go set!

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