This Is A Solo Eggplant Run In Spelunky

On camera. If you don't know how hard that is, this guy should really have been playing the Chariots of Fire theme in the background the entire time.

Recommendation: No, really, he should have. Mute the commentary and put the theme on yourself.


    A vague description of what is actually going on here, what he's aiming to achieve, etc, might be handy.

    What is an eggplant run? The significance of this video is lost on me. What the hell are you talking about?

      I don't know if the wiki page is the best page to believe. But yeah..

      It is a really hard self imposed challenge in which you get the eggplant to King Yama (the final boss).

      It's difficulty lays in how hard it already is to get to hell (getting the Uhjat Eye and then getting to the Black Market and getting the Ahnk which you then have to get to an ice level with the statue and die there to get the hedjet and then you have to beat Anubis to get the scepter which gets you into the city of gold and then you have to get the necronomicon to get into hell.)

      You have to do that whilst escorting a very very fragile eggplant.

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