How Do The Angry Birds Go! Toys Interact With The Game? Watch

Angry Birds Go! launched worldwide today, several months after the game's scannable toy line hit stores. Since no one keeps instructions for that long, here's how Hasbro's plastic and Rovio's mobile go-kart game get along.

Like Hasbro's Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods, the Angry Birds Go! racers scan in using a clever combination of mobile camera, magnifying glass, and a tiny, tiny QR code. The plastic stand magnifies the code, the Android or iOS camera reads it, and boom — a one-time-use racer appears in the game. Once you're done racing, scan him in again to continue.

Unlike the Angry Birds Star Wars II toys, the Angry Birds Go! cars are actually fun to play with outside of the game. It's no wonder a million were sold in the first month of release. Well, a bit of a wonder still, but definitely less than before.

Hasbro's Angry Birds Go! Telepods sets and packs are available everywhere. Seriously — check your trunk, or behind the couch. You probably have some already.


    wow this is depressing... what is this guy doing. What has humanity come to? to think men were once great warriors with life filled with meaning and challenge, now we paw at a small screen like a cat and get excited about little 3d models that unlock from you buying a crappy plastic toy made in a factory far away by some poor underprivileged persons. magical.

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