13 Facts About Pixar That You May Not Know

You can probably guess a few of these facts — like the ones referencing how successful the company is — but there ought to be a few you didn't know.

I certainly didn't know that the studio has a cottage for their employees to work out of that's modelled after a pink unicorn theme, but, hey! Thanks to Buzzfeed, I now know that, too.

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    Some of us are at work where videos are blocked

    An article like this would be great to READ - alas, its just some video that I'll never watch

    Why does every second* article on this site have to be a video? Is it that hard to transcribe or put a description for those who dont want to or cant watch the video?

    *may be an exaggeration

      Either that or it would be in gif form.

      man, i definitely feel ya. I mean, some authors would take the time to transcribe the video, but there's others that would just rather put a video or a link and a tiny description.
      Videos and gifs are a big point of contention for me, especially during work.

      That requires work though. As you may notice here so many articles are just links.

      Toy Story is great.

      Last edited 28/01/14 5:18 pm

        Taking small breaks from large tasks increases productivity as it allows you to refresh.

          Maybe Tina was taking a small break when making this article.

        I am not a robot, and I am entitled to breaks

        But thanks for the feedback. Its been noted

        Way to edit your stupid post. Too late though.

      After watching the video, i conclude it wouldn't take long to summarise. Someone should be paid to write articles like that.

      seconded. this is the chance i get to check Kotaku and generally i will not seek the links / videos out when i get home.

      So whingey
      Much problems

      Just use pocket or instapaper and watch it later.

      The US site had the same complaints. Someone in the comments posted this:

      Because you don't need a video to tell you 13 bullet-points...

      1. Pixar has never had a commercial flop or earned less than $150 million in the USA per film.

      2. Toy Story 2 was almost completely deleted. Luckily it was saved by a mom's backup on her home computer.

      3. There is a secret speakeasy room at Pixar called the "Lucky 7 Lounge." It's behind a sliding bookcase, opened with a switch hideen in a bust of Shakespeare.

      4. Many Pixar employees have cottage-like offices instead of cubicles. One cottage has a pink unicorn theme. Because why not?

      5. It took up to 30 hours to render each frame of Toy Story. In total, the film required 800,000 machine hours (1.5 years).

      6. In Up, 20,622 balloons are shown lifting Carl's house. In reality, it would take 12 million balloons to lift it. That's one balloon for every person in Pennsylvania!

      7. It takes so long to make a Pixar movie that if one person were to do it all, it would take them 500 years. That's five years work per minute of movie produced.

      8. To boost creativity for Toy Story 3, the animators shaved their heads for a "clean start" and had a contest to see who could go longest without cutting their hair.

      9. The ideas for Wall-E, Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, and Monsters, Inc all came from a single lunch meeting between key Pixar creatives.

      10. The Pizza Planet Truck appears in practically every Pixar movie, as does a character from an upcoming Pixar film (Flik from A Bug's Life rolls along the screen at this point, 1:30)

      11. Pixar Animation Studios has one of the safest earthquake-proof buildings in northern California. It's retrofitted to rock two feet in any direction in the event of an earthquake.

      12. Employees get free admission into Disney Parks, plus 3 guests! Pretty sweet job.

      Also, that's only 12 by my count...

      EDIT: No clue why it's quoting like that. The quote codes are in the right place.

      Last edited 28/01/14 3:53 pm

        Cheers, thanks for this! I dont check the US site

        On side note, some immature person decided to downvote every comment that I upvoted - not throwing around any names, but WOW, you are really showing your maturity level there (but because I downvoted their comment, obviously)

          Vindictiveness does not pay. My votes have been cast.

          I can only see my comments are down voted, and I honestly didn't down vote anyone. I intended my original comment to be in jest, but I guess it didn't come out that way...

            So it's just a site bug that all three of @dansdans's comments say they were down voted by you if I click the little number next to the up and down arrows?

              That's strange because noscript blocks the buttons for me, when I unblocked all these red boxes appeared.

                Yep. It's also strange that the down vote buttons were functional with NoScript enabled, and only affected one user's comments.

                  Not for me, and it was every comment but my own that had a downvote when I checked.

        Kotaku's comments section is coded so that a newline resets existing tags (or maybe just select tags). Means you can't easily quote a block of text with newlines in it. It's a stupid idea, the resetting should only happen at the end of the post.

      haha you can't watch youtube at work

      Get back to work!

    The title of the video is hilarious. "The truth behind Pixar" Like this will be some shocking reveal.

    Most of these facts are taken verbatim from the special features shorts on Pixar blurays that focus on the company itself.

      Yeah I recognise the head shaving from Toy Story 3 - I was hoping for more explanation of the relationship with ILM

    "2. Toy Story 2 was almost completely deleted. Luckily it was saved by a mom's backup on her home computer."

    I assume they mean the script or something, but even that sounds unbelievable. If they mean the data used for the final render, then I assume she must have had some kind of massive storage facility in her house. It's not like Toy Story 2 is just a H264 file or something.

    What kind of company is that? I'm not allowed to watch videos at work either but they actually trust me not to watch videos, not block them.

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