eSports Owner Vanishes And Top StarCraft Player Says He’s Owed $US23,000

eSports Owner Vanishes And Top StarCraft Player Says He’s Owed $US23,000

The 23-year-old CEO of a leading eSports team has been missing since Dec. 17 and his team’s top StarCraft 2 player says he’s owed $US23,000 in unpaid salary and prize money, The Daily Dot reports.

The Daily Dot, which first wrote about Boudreault’s disappearance on Tuesday, returned again for this in-depth look at the aftermath. Simon Boudreault (pictured), the owner of Quantic Gaming, hasn’t been seen in more than two weeks and Ko Hyun, Quantic’s StarCraft star, really wants to find him. He says he hasn’t been paid in months. Other players and staffers who say they are owed money, upwards of $US40,000 in all.

The Daily Dot, quoting an unidentified source, said on Tuesday that Boudreault may have been confronting a serious health problem prior to his disappearance. Boudreault inherited a stake in his father’s IT company when his father died several years ago. Quantic staff told The Daily Dot he spent much of the salary he earned from that role on eSports.

He purchased Quantic Gaming in February 2013 but as soon as May, rumours had it that Quantic was going to go out of business. In August, Quantic sold its Counter-Strike unit to another eSports team and its League of Legends team, which had been a vital source of sponsorships, dissolved. In October, a top StarCraft player quit, accusing Boudreault of mistreating and mismanaging him.

The upheaval has left Ko trying to raise money from the StarCraft community to recover his lost pay. He says he’d sue Boudreault if he could find him. Quantic staff, some of whom are owed money themselves, have had to answer for Boudreault’s disappearance to angry fans.

The Daily Dot‘s run-down of this weird, intriguing story is as comprehensive as it gets, absent Boudreault’s side of the story. But then, if he was around to present it, he wouldn’t be disappeared.

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Image of Simon Boudreault via QuanticPro/YouTube


    • Welcome to read, I know it may be hard for u but let’s try hey, It’s an update on a story from 4 days ago not THE story from 4 days ago. Does that help? Probably not u must find it hard to string words together into sentences

  • hopefully this will shut up all those people ridiculing eSports, since clearly eSport is just like regular sport with unhappy athletes and dodgy owners.

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