Everquest Creator Seeks To Crowdfund... Another Everquest, Basically

Everquest Creator Seeks to Crowdfund... Another Everquest, Basically

Another Everquest, with old-school charm. Also, sweet double-barrelled crossbows.

The game is called Pantheon, and it popped up on Kickstarter yesterday, promptly raking in over $US40,000 in pledges. The guy behind it all, Brad McQuaid, had previously worked on both the first Everquest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It really shows. Take a look:

We're looking at a harsh and difficult high fantasy MMORPG with old-school sandbox elements, plenty of lore and exploration, a focus on grouping, and clearly differentiated classes — but peppered with modern improvements, like a more actiony twitch-based combat system.

Not that there is an actual game to look at just yet. Pantheon is currently in pre-alpha, with a promised release window of January 2017. Of course, the campaign needs to gather its $US800,000 first, plus a buy-to-play subscription-based game, in this day and age... a bit risky. Then again, $US40k in the first day. Let's wait and see.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [Kickstarter]


    The problem I have with kickstater and investing is that the only reward for backing the creation is the final product. If I was to invest in a business it is safe to say that there should be a share of the profit distributed to the investors

      You pay the price of finished product, and no risk of it fails. So how is that at all entitling you to be an investor?

        There is plenty of risk involved. There are also multiple teirs of backing. Go to any start up business and see what the backers want in return. I just feel like people woth established names are getting a free ride and crushing the indies.

        Why should someone who could easily get backing from a major publisher reach out for a free hand out with zero risk other than to take backers money with no consequences.

      Backing a Kickstarter project is not really "investing", you're pretty much just donating to an idea, hoping that it will turn out. I don't disagree with you though.

    Sooner or later - a kickstarter will offer profit-share - it's the next logical step in distinguishing your KS project and once the idea of buying a share is in the zeitgeist someone will offer it.

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