Briefly: Conan O'Brien Gets Paid For Featuring Video Game Companies

It cost one video game company $US35,000 to be featured in one of Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer segments. Re/Code reports that the late-night talk show receives payment from game companies for some of the segments, with confirmation that horror game Outlast paid to be part of a three-game scare-focused spotlight.


    Is the GIF necessary?

      Kotaku hired a gif guy. He makes all the gifs. People complained because its just annoying on phones on the USA site ages ago

    In other news: people get paid for things, full report at 10

    Who paid Conan $35k to do the Atari 2600 Clueless Gamer?

    That's not really a shock. It's essentially a re-wrapped advertisement, and given that Conan's not a journalist there's no conflict of interest. Good luck to him.

    Sorry i missed what the story is about. Just looked like company paid to be on a talk show to promote their product, doesn't seem so wrong.

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