Luke Hates Funko's Game Of Thrones Vinyl Figures

Luke Hates Funko's Game Of Thrones Vinyl Figures

Excitedly I pasted this picture of Funko's Game of Thrones vinyl figures into our site chat, eager to share what I thought was absolutely adorable with my fellow editors. "Yuck," said Luke Plunkett, breaking my heart.

It's not only the cute factor that draws me to these vinyl figures, which go on sale at retail and on the HBO shop on 15 February. If I just wanted cute, I'd just buy Funko's My Little Pony figures (he means "more of them"). But it's not just the cuteness. It's the cuteness used to represent characters going through such horrible trials.

Packed inside blind bags in each box is one of the following figures: Robb Stark, Ayra Stark, Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Ghost, Shaggy Dog, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, King Joffrey, White Walker, Khal Drogo, Daenerys, Rhaegal, Drogon or Viserion. In show continuity, many of these figures are already dead. One of them was basically sold to the other one. Most of them are technically murderers. See? Adorable.

But Luke does not like them. He detests them. I accused him of not appreciating the vinyl style, and he responded with "style" in quotes. He makes me so sad sometimes.

Luke Hates Funko's Game Of Thrones Vinyl Figures


    Yeah but... does anyone really give a shit what Plunkett thinks?

    As for these figures, I love them, on a relevant note.

      The figures are ok but certainly not the best they have produced. Much prefer the little Carl minion i have on my desk in front of me. Also blind boxes? Really not a fan of them if that' the only way to get them. Not really a fan of the dragons there so if all I got was a couple of them I would be unhappy

    Eh they don't look that good to me. Just cashing in on a series imo.

    i much prefer this type that these new ones

    Wow, what's with the Luke hate?.....I mean, there are some shitty articles, but he's going around rubbing your grandmas.....Seriously, it's a free news blog, if an articles not up to scratch, go and pay for a gaming magazine.

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