Off Topic: Time Travel

I was thinking about this yesterday whilst playing with my dinosaur-obsessed nephew. I want to see a goddamn dinosaur. I really wish someone could invent time travel so I can see dinosaurs. That would be awesome. But here's the question: if you could time travel where would you go and why?

You can go anywhere: the future, the past. But you can only get one choice. You don't have to stay there.

Where do you go?


    Time Travel is impossible, I've thoroughly researched it, it's a carrot that doesn't exist, feel free to prove me wrong but from my research there is only 1 type of "time travel", that is, point A to point B within real-time, not into the past or future, just the present to the present, aka wormholes, connecting near or distant parts of the universe, but going into the past or future just doesn't work, not for 3d mortal humans anyway, as for higher dimensional beings made up other things that's another story.

    Are we assuming the Copenhagen or the Many Worlds theory of quantum collapse? For traveling into the past, that is. (Copenhagen assumes a single world line.)

    If Copenhagen, nothing you did could have any impact. If Many Worlds, you could write yourself out of reality (very easily) so you effectively couldn't return home.

    There's a lot of the past I would love to observe, but I really, REALLY wouldn't want to live in any of those times. No indoor plumbing for most of history. No computers. Almost any time and place would not understand your language.

    Traveling to the future could be even worse. Suddenly you're a caveman, confronted with technologies you can't possibly grasp... if you're lucky. If you're unlucky, there's some form of Armageddon ahead of us which will leave the entire planet in rotten shape.

    For now I'm happy with my current rate of time travel - one second per second.

    (If I had to pick something, I would go back in time with a history of key stocks and sporting events, and key technologies to patent.)

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