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The AFL season starts on Thursday evening, we're a few rounds into the 2018 NRL season and the A-League is drawing to a close. If I had to guess, I'd say right now is peak sportsball season in Australia.

So which game is best?


Keyboards don't seem like the sort of thing you'd pay too much attention to. You pick one that looks nice or fits your budget and plonk it on your desk. Done. Right? Not always.

There are enough different models out there with different bells and whistles that you can pay a lot of attention to keyboards and get quite snobby about it. Especially when you consider the amount of hours you can spend using it.


Regardless of your skill with the production of food, everyone has a backup, a go-to. So for this week's Off Topic, let's talk about the little ace everyone has in the hole.


Earlier this week Tegan decided to flex her baking muscle, by way of making shortbread. Every now and again someone in the office has a crack, which tends to cheer everyone up. And it's also a useful opportunity to solve one important question for this week's Off Topic: what's the best kind of cookie?


For some reason there are some everyday tasks that are oddly satisfying. Whenever I buy a new board game, I look forward to punching the tokens.

What mundane things are oddly satisfying for you?


Everyone jumps the gun from time to time. It can be hard to contain your excitement. There were more than a few false starts with the launch of Amazon Australia but it finally happened.

What about you, do you have any memorable stories involving a false start?


Cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, rare but totally legal imported lizards. Pets are rad. Tell us about yours and why they're the best (or worst).


It's that time of year where some people start going all out for Halloween - and plenty of others don't.

In Australia, Halloween isn't a traditional holiday. But more and more people get into the spirit. Question is: do you?


A good chunk of the office are out with some sort of lurgy today. It's fallen on me to fly the Kotaku flag and try to stop everything from catching on fire in their absence.

What does it take for you to call in sick?