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I was only recently informed that, by luck or (most likely) by virtue of some promotion, burgers will be arriving in our office today. So for this week's Off Topic, it seems more apt than ever to ask people to dive into their memories. Memories about burgers, of course.


Something truly amazing has happened in our office, something worthy of celebration. After a brief hiatus, the wonder that is fresh fruit has returned. But when you have access to all the fruit, what's the best one to choose?


My recent trip to Japan involved a lot of hiking and walking around on foot, which prompted plenty of trips to convenience stores to stock up on snacks. And so it got me thinking: what's the best snack food of all time?


Given that I'm flying away at the end of the week, it's hard not to spend a little bit of time looking to the future. And as that future is very much going to a holiday I've been looking forward to a lot, it makes me wonder about what wonderful holidays you've all had.


A friend, who shall remain nameless, blithely let slip the other day that they hadn't seen a Fast and the Furious movie. Any of them. At all.

So the train was set in motion for a Fast and the Furious marathon, which sounds like a solid weekend of fun if you ask me. But then the inevitable question followed: out of them all, which Fast and the Furious movie is the best?


So my partner and I have found ourselves in the situation where we're going to be moving house. Which is fantastic! But it's also brought up a fun reality: the act of saving money.


Today's Shrove Tuesday, better known as Pancake Tuesday. And given that I helped my better half make some blueberry and maple syrup pancakes last night, I thought it only apt to ask: what types of pancakes do you like?


I'm finally going to have a holiday at the end of this week. I'm going to New Zealand, and I've heard only the nicest possible things.


Given that my apartment doesn't have any form of air conditioning besides a wholly useless portable piece of crap, it might not surprise you to know that I haven't really slept the last couple of nights. It's been boiling in Sydney, and I haven't coped.


Congratulations - it's a short working week! For some people, their work week ends on Wednesday. Others will be back for a (fairly casual) Friday, like myself. But whatever your working schedule, most people will be enjoying Australia Day with friends, family and food.

And because it's Australia Day, there's no better time to grab a BBQ and torch the living snot out of some meat and veg.


Our national holiday is fast approaching. A day of sasuages. Triple M on the radio. Backyard cricket. Companies doing stupid things to get attention. And (probably) an awful lot of drinking.

But what plans will you have for the upcoming public holiday?


I make it a point not to eat pizza, or at least as little as humanly possible. It's not that I hate the doughy, topped delight that Italians brought into the world - it's that I love it too much.

But when I was in Las Vegas for CES last week, I made an exception. And holy shit, did I make the correct choice.


Part of the reality every Christmas is that people get bored. I'm talking real bored. And since you've got to kill time anyway, and sitting around a television or a screen is a great way to do that.

But everyone has different tastes. So the question is: when you've got a few hours to kill over Christmas, and you and your family or chosen family are all in the one room, what do you watch?


Real talk: custard is, without a doubt, the bee's knees. And given that Christmas is literally weeks away, that means its not long before I get to consume my body weight in cold, glorious custard.