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A good chunk of the office are out with some sort of lurgy today. It's fallen on me to fly the Kotaku flag and try to stop everything from catching on fire in their absence.

What does it take for you to call in sick?


At the start of this week the Federal Government announced that it was announcing that Australia, finally, was going to have a space agency of its own. So for this week's Off Topic, there could only be one question.

Let's name the Australian version of NASA.


There's a lot of tea drinkers in every office, and lots of different kinds of tea. People have their preferences, and that's what I want to explore for this week's Off Topic.


Walking into the office kitchen this morning, people discovered that we have way too many assorted creams. Which is a problem, because assorted creams are the hottest of garbage.


For the first time in my life last week, I missed a flight. That set in a degree of panic and frustration I'd not encountered before, and I can completely understand why: nobody wants to be stuck in an airport, especially when you're thousands of kilometres from home. Especially when it's your fault.

But there are plenty of things that can go wrong when travelling. So for this week's Off Topic, let's talk about airline disasters.


We had a few colleagues take part in the annual City2Surf marathon on the weekend, which has resulted in some hobbling around the office over the last couple of days. So for this week's Off Topic, it's a good chance to ask: what's your preferred form of exercise?


While it's been a quiet few weeks for game releases, that's not been the case for movies and TV shows. And that makes it a good opportunity for this week's Off Topic to ask: do you care about spoilers?


With the spectacular collapse of Foxtel Now last night and the throttling of Presto earlier this year, it hasn't been the greatest year so far for local streaming services. But Stan is still humming along nicely, Netflix continues to add new content all the time, and foreign services like HBO Go.

So for this week's Off Topic, tell us - what streaming service do you use the most?


Ever since coming back from Japan, Tegan and I have had a renewed interest in anime. I used to watch it more as a kid growing up, but putting myself through the slog of Naruto and Bleach fillers didn't exactly do wonders for my enthusiasm.

But there's nothing like a holiday to recharge the batteries. So over the last few weeks, we've been rediscovering an old favourite of mine: Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Just the other day a friend, or maybe my partner, was remarking at how Sydney was starting to turn. Winter was finally approaching proper, which was neatly timed since we were also in the midst of getting excited about Game of Thrones.

So that led to today's Off Topic: what's the best season of the year?


The size of my Steam library is ... a little scary these days. It's kind of daunting whenever the question of "what would I like to play" comes into my head, because there are so many choices. Like, way too many choices.


I was only recently informed that, by luck or (most likely) by virtue of some promotion, burgers will be arriving in our office today. So for this week's Off Topic, it seems more apt than ever to ask people to dive into their memories. Memories about burgers, of course.


Something truly amazing has happened in our office, something worthy of celebration. After a brief hiatus, the wonder that is fresh fruit has returned. But when you have access to all the fruit, what's the best one to choose?